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Library Services

Computer Use

Access to the 7  patron computers at the New Athens District Library is free to all library card holders in good standing. If you have items overdue, you will not have access to the computers until you bring in your overdue items.

Printouts are 20 cents for black and white and 25 cents for color.  Photo quality prints are 50 cents each.

Photocopier and Scanner

Copies are made for the public at the rate of 20 cents per page for b/w and 25 cents for color.  Items to be copied must qualify under federal copyright laws.  Several sizes of paper are available as well as enlarging and reducing capabilities. Scans are no charge and can be sent to a number of library computers or stored on a flash drive.


The Library will send local faxes of up to 5 pages for the price of $1 or $2 for long distance. Over 5 pages, 20 cents per page additional. Cover sheets are provided for free.

Notary Services

There is no charge for notarizing documents. Please call ahead to make sure a Notary is working that day.